IVF Treatment

4 Things You Need to Know When Looking for an IVF Service Clinic

If you’ve long been trying to get pregnant, you might be considering going to an IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) service clinic. 

Some may not feel comfortable about having their child in the lab, but if you’re eager to try all options available, take your research seriously. 

Every attempt can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially challenging. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for an IVF centre in Singapore.

  1. Ask about the live birth rate. 

In IVF, the pregnancy rate cannot be regarded as the sole determinant for success. You also need to look into the live birth rate. But even that information can be tricky sometimes, depending on the data that the IVF clinic chooses to disclose. 

For example, the type of patients that the clinic agrees to take in can impact their statistics. If a clinic refuses to see women over 40s and only caters to those in their early 30s, that can affect their success rate. 

It helps to ask about the success rate for women in your age bracket to get a more realistic figure. If the clinic isn’t willing to share this information with you, you might want to consider another service provider.

  1. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better. 

It might not feel right to compare your future child or children to services you’re getting, but with IVF pregnancy, you’ll want to dig deep into the price. 

Low budget clinics may seem appealing, but this can also affect your overall experience. Hormone stimulation may not be as productive due to use of low-dose drugs.

If there are always not enough eggs to transfer, then chances are you might only end up spending a lot more. 

  1. Look into laboratory conditions. 

It also pays to ask about the clinic’s protocol on monitoring eggs. The conditions in the lab can affect the embryos under their care. 

Don’t hesitate to ask the IVF treatment specialist about the steps they’re taking to ensure that embryos are being looked after carefully.  

Aside from the lab condition, it also helps to consider the location of the clinic. You’ll find yourself visiting often, so it can be more convenient if the centre is easily accessible.

  1. Check the specialist’s reputation. 

Aside from the clinic’s success rate and their package fees, you’ll also want to know their IVF specialist more. Your OB-GYN may be able to recommend someone to you, but always feel free to look into other options too. 

Schedule an initial visit to meet their staff, have a feel of their clinic, and also see if you feel comfortable with the doctor. This can be on a case-to-case basis per patient. 

You might feel more confident if the specialist is known to be more experienced or tenured, or you might prefer someone that you feel more at ease talking to. It would be great to find these both in one person.

Go to an IVF Service Clinic that You Know You Can Trust

Going through IVF treatment is a huge step. There are risks involved, and there are also no guarantees of success. When choosing an IVF centre in Singapore, it boils down to where you feel all the trouble will be worth it.

4 Reasons You Need Qlik Enterprise Solution Provider

Any business would want to maximise their data assets to improve and strengthen relationships with their clients and ultimately, see growth and expansion. But business intelligence and data analytics can be overwhelming for many. Typical employees might find it hard to read through figures or work with data.

Today’s business intelligence software solutions are changing this. It’s now easier to understand business analytics and use them to improve customer services and profits. 

One example of an analytics platform that you can use for your organisation is Qlik Sense. Here are some reasons why several organisations trust Qlik, and why you might also need to start working with a Qlik Enterprise Solution Provider

  1. Trusted BI software. Qlik Sense makes centralised reporting and analytics possible. Many organisations trust it for its easy-to-use dashboards. Even non-technical users can navigate Qlik Sense comfortably. No matter the user’s skill level, they’re able to explore available data and also create analytics applications. Data can be loaded and combined with ease. Users can interact with the data and extract insights they need and more. 
  1. Easy-to-digest analytics. With Qlik Sense, you can generate personalised reports and dashboards simply by dragging and dropping elements on the interface. You no longer have to manually extract data from other sources as the software already connects you to them. In return, you get the big picture of your organisation’s figures. The data sources you can access are limitless. You can rest easy knowing that you’re not missing out on anything, especially the critical data. 
  1. Data accessible from anywhere. With more and more workplaces shifting to a remote environment, your organisation must be able to keep up. With Qlik Sense, you can access and search data anywhere you are. Seemingly complex data can be broken down into easy-to-grasp visualisations. And you can also share these visualisations or insights with anyone in your organisation. Since you can make sense out of your data more easily, you’re also able to make better decisions, faster. You can take immediate action based on the insights you’re seeing. 
  1. Secure and centralised software. Being a self-service tool, Qlik Sense empowers its users. The interface is easy-to-use and flexible, and it’s also secure. The software is centrally-managed, but you can create your own dashboard. This way, you get to find content that you need fast and re-use and share it with your colleagues. 

How a Qlik Enterprise Solution Provider Can Help You Get Started

A Qlik enterprise solution provider can discuss with you in greater detail the benefits of Qlik Sense. You can work with BI experts to extract value from your data assets. Guidance, support, and advice from business intelligence consultants can help you make the most of your investment and achieve long-term success.

With an intuitive business intelligence software, you can finally gather, interpret, analyse, and integrate data with ease. You can retrieve content that you need fast, whether it’s coming from internal or external sources. You can communicate reports with your stakeholders conveniently and together, make smarter decisions. 

A professional business software solutions provider can also walk you through other options that you can look into, such as Alteryx Partner Enterprise Solution and Tableau Partner Enterprise Solution. 

What’s the Best Material to Use for Timber Floor Decking

You’re already sure you’re installing a deck, but are still wondering which specific material to use. Timber floor decking is known for its beauty and durability. But you’ll want to ensure that both the material and installation method will stand the test of time.

Among the primary concerns with timber is that it can develop cracks and stains over time. One solution you may want to consider is using an advanced timber decking material. Here are more tips to take note of.

  1. Think about the location of your timber deck. Where do you plan to install your timber decking? Are you using it by the poolside or somewhere with high foot traffic? An outdoor timber decking in Singapore will most likely be exposed to the heat of the sun and regular downpour. You need to consider these elements and see whether the timber material will be able to hold up. If not, chances are the colour of the decking will fade sooner, and discolorations may be visible throughout. 
  1. Consider maintenance. Your expense doesn’t end after the decking has been installed. For one, you still need to think about maintenance costs. With that said, choose low-maintenance timber decking products. You want your new outdoor flooring to remain vibrant even after many years, without spending so much time on upkeep. Look for a material that doesn’t need repainting or re-varnishing. See as well if it’s waterproof so permanent stains won’t form even if it gets exposed to spills or rainwater. 
  1. Look into safety. Whether you’re using the timber floor decking for a commercial or residential property, you’ll want to include safety in your checklist. As much as possible, the flooring should be slip-resistant and friendly to all occupants, including elders and children. Also, another common concern with wood flooring is the presence of screws or nail heads. Check if the service provider has alternatives to make the surface safer and more comfortable to touch.
  1. Ask about degradation resistance. Wood can attract insects, such as termites. You don’t want to deal with these issues as you go along. So be sure to ask the manufacturer if their timber decking products are safe from wood-borers, mold and mildew, and fungal decay. Inquire, too, how well the flooring will respond to potential cracking and splits. 
  1. Choose a durable underlying structure. The timber decking material isn’t the only important thing. You also need to look into the underlying support structure. If the structure beneath the flooring gives way, the flooring itself will also not last a long time. Be sure that the installation methodology allows the entire decking system to perform well even with heavy use.
  1. Know more about their workers. Quality workmanship is crucial to ensure that the timber decking is properly installed. Work with an installer that’s committed to maintaining and exceeding customer satisfaction. Check if their workers are constantly educated and evaluated to improve output quality.

Outdoor conditions can affect your timber floor decking. See to it that the decking system is designed with this in mind. For your peace of mind, partner with a manufacturer that offers a comprehensive warranty. And of course, choose a reputable timber decking brand in Singapore that has been around for many years now.

outdoor timber deck

6 Advantages of Having Outdoor Timber Deck at Home

Have you ever dreamed of having your own outdoor sanctuary? That little space at the comfort of your home where you can spend some quality time alone or with loved ones. You can make that precious area cosier and more inviting with an outdoor timber deck.

A properly constructed timber deck can be your go-to respite anytime of the day or after a long day at work. And wouldn’t it be great if you no longer have to leave home to relax? Step out of your door and into your timber deck and enjoy serene moments.

Here are more advantages to having an outdoor timber deck at home

  1. Relaxing at home. We’ve said it. Having your own spot for relaxation at home is a priceless investment. You get to sit back at a stylish corner right in your backyard, catch up on your favorite read, or grab a bite while enjoying the lovely weather. 
  1. Increasing property value. Having a timber deck can help you boost the value of your property. Whether you’re planning to pass it to your next generation or offer it for sale in the future, installing a deck can make your home more appealing. 
  1. Supporting sustainable practices. By partnering with a timber decking supplier that upholds sustainable environmental practices, you get to ensure that you’re making an eco-friendly choice. See if the wood flooring company observes due diligence when developing and manufacturing products. 
  1. Investing in a durable material. Timber is a popular construction material because it’s durable and long-lasting. You can place outdoor living furniture on top of the deck without worrying it will give way.  What’s more, suppliers usually offer a structural warranty to vouch for the quality of their products.
  1. Cleaning won’t be an issue. Timber is easy to maintain and keeping it clean takes minimal effort. Polishing at least twice a year is usually enough to keep it attractive and vibrant-looking. Your supplier can also offer you tips on how you can keep your engineered deck at its best. It helps to use only expert-recommended cleaning or maintenance products to extend the lifespan of your timber flooring. 
  1. Choosing from several options. Timber decking options vary in colour, thickness, width, and texture. Rest assured you’ll find a specific product to match your desired results. You can even choose a material depending on how its colour changes as it ages. And if you’re most concerned about stability, you can also prioritise strength on your checklist. A product representative can walk you through appropriate options for your specific application. 
  1. Staying within your budget. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and stylish way to extend your living space, a timber deck can be an ideal option. Whether you would like to install the deck on your balcony, backyard, or lawn, your wood flooring supplier will be able to recommend a suitable decking material. 

It’s hard to ignore the beauty and practicality of an outdoor timber deck for homes. Wood flooring ideas that you can bring to life are almost limitless with a material that’s fully-customisable, backed with quality workmanship.

serviced apartments in Singapore

Checklist in Finding the Best Serviced Apartments in Singapore

Are you traveling to Singapore for business or holidays? 

Whether you’re staying short-term or long-term, if you’re looking for accommodation that offers the convenience of a hotel but is priced more competitively, consider a serviced apartment.

If you’re thinking of bringing your family with you, long term serviced apartments are also ideal as they function as a temporary home. 

Here are tips to help you find the best serviced apartments in Singapore.

  1. Be sure you’re dealing with a legitimate provider. 

Check the developer or the service provider before booking your stay. Learn more about its background in the hospitality industry. 

No matter how promising the package and the apartment, do your research first and find out if it isn’t a private apartment that’s being marketed as a serviced apartment. 

You don’t want to encounter any issues during your stay, especially if you’re with your family. 

  1. Check its location. 

See where the apartment is located and find out if your office or place of business will be easily accessible from it. 

Commuting is normal in Singapore since the public mode of transportation is efficient. But that can also mean you’ll be walking for a certain period depending on the route you’re taking. 

If you’re coming from a western country, walking a lot under the heat of the sun may be uncomfortable. You may want to reduce travel time and ensure that commuting will be convenient. 

  1. Get to know the community. 

If you’ll step out of the apartment, what will you find? Are there nearby restaurants, groceries, parks, or shopping centres that you can visit? 

Is it near to popular attractions that you’d want to visit in your free time? Is the area usually quiet or peaceful or is it in a busy district? 

You’ll want an apartment that fits your personality, and that extends to the community around it.

  1. Look into available services and offers. 

If you’re in the country for work, then having high-speed internet access is a must. 

If you’re going with your family, then chances are you’ll need regular housekeeping services, a well-equipped kitchen, complimentary TV channels for entertainment, and a washer and a dryer. 

Do they also offer short term serviced apartments in case you won’t be staying too long?

If the serviced apartment offers everything that you’re looking for and for a price that you can afford, then chances are you’re looking at a great deal.

  1. Ask about security. 

Whether you’re traveling alone or with family, you’ll want to prioritize security. 

Singapore is a safe country, to begin with. But it still is different when you know that the management is taking necessary steps to ensure the security of their tenants. 

You might want to check if the facility is equipped with CCTV cameras and if they’re using a security system to limit access only to tenants. 

The best serviced apartment can vary per person

Finding the best serviced apartments in Singapore all comes down to personal priorities and needs. 

After making sure you’re choosing between legitimate providers, you’ll have to look into your budget and needs. 

The best choice can vary per person, so think about it carefully before finally booking your stay.